Infrared Grills Pros and Cons

Are Infrared Grills Better? To Put it Simply.. YES!

Since grilling has become one of the most popular outdoor activities there is, it only makes sense that finding the best way to do it should be a priority. Though different cooks are going to have different needs when it comes to grilling, the infrared grill has gained in popularity over the last decade or so. It was about that long ago when the patent for the infrared burner expired, and it became possible for any manufacturer to use the technology in their grills.

Though quite expensive in the past, it is now possible to purchase infrared grills for less than $500, making the infrared grill a serious contender among the many outdoor grill choices based on price alone. In addition, there are other factors that make the these grills a frequent choice among avid outdoor cooks. When people start to talk about the pros and cons it soon becomes clear that the only real con is the slightly higher price tag. Apart from that the benefits of cooking with infrared are many as you are about to find out.

If only one thing influenced the choosing of an infrared grill over other types, it would definitely be that they offer faster warm up time and faster cooking time. They operate at much higher temperatures than regular grills, and some of them can reach a cooking temperature of over 700 degrees Fahrenheit in only five minutes. So, naturally, the manufacturers of infrared grills use this as their biggest selling point and boast that their grill cooks much faster than other grills on the market.

Time isn't the only advantage in the use of infrared cooking, however. Food cooked with infrared will have a better and more natural flavor because this cooking method allows it to retain its own natural juices. Since the heat from the grill is so intense and is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the grill, the foods are also cooked much more evenly. This is of particular importance in cooking meat. There is less chance of having parts that are overcooked or not cooked enough. So, making certain foods safer to eat could also be added to the list of benefits offered by cooking on an infrared grill.

One of the most common problems with grilling is virtually eliminated by cooking with an infrared grill. Flare ups caused when grease drips from food and is instantly ignited are no longer a problem when using these types of grill. The heat is not confined inside the grill, so the flare ups do not occur.

In conclusion, anyone who grills frequently and wants to take it to a whole new level should give the infrared grill a try. It is faster and more efficient, it gives food more flavor while retaining natural juices, and it is becoming more and more affordable. These are only a few of the very good reasons to start enjoying a whole different concept of outdoor grilling.

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