Infrared Vs Gas Grills

Cooking With Infrared Grills Vs Gas Grills

infrared grills and gas grillsInfrared grills are one of the newest grilling technologies to appear and employ a unique system for providing heat inside of the grill. Natural gas grills use traditional methods of heating inside of a grill and rely on inexpensive fuel to perform their function. Both methods have become popular with consumers. There is a large difference between infrared grills and gas grills, however, and those differences can make the choice important for getting the best results when grilling certain types of food.

Infrared grills use a relatively new concept to generate heat inside of the grill. The grill contains a standard set of burners that are designed to operate just like any other gas or propane powered grill. The difference is that the burners are covered by a ceramic or metal plate. This plate is designed to accept heat from the burners and then become incredibly hot. This heat is what cooks the food. Food that is placed on an infrared burner will cook quickly due to the high heat and because the heat is passed directly to the food as infrared energy from the ceramic plate and not the burners.

A natural gas grill uses open flames inside of the grill that are powered by natural gas. The flames can be used to cook food directly as the fire touches the food. They can also be used for indirect grilling where the heat of the air inside of the cooking compartment heats the food more slowly. Natural gas has been a popular choice for grill enthusiasts because of its versatility as well as the low costs of providing natural gas as a fuel. There are also those who believe that cooking with natural gas is a good choice because it does not leave any residual taste on the food.

Infrared grills enjoy some popularity because of the even distribution of heat that the ceramic plate provides across the entire grilling surface. An important limitation that the grill has, however, is that the heat of the ceramic plate is not easy to control. In fact, the plate must be heated to a minimum temperature to be effective and has no cooling mechanism. This high heat will easily burn delicate food items like fish or vegetables. The direct transference of the heat through infrared energy also means that some foods will dry out quickly and can overcook in seconds.


Infrared Grills Vs Gas Grills - The Choice is Yours!

A natural gas grill provides cooks with a variety of cooking methods. The direct control of the heat on the grill through variable settings on the burners means that items can be seared quickly and then moved to the side to complete cooking over low heat. When comparing infrared grills against gas grills, the difference is that natural gas are slightly more versatile but they are really both as effective for cooking a wide variety of foods. If you go for one of the better infrared grills like the Char Broil Quantum which many people consider to be the best infrared grill then you can expect it to out perform a standard gas grill.

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