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infrared grillWood and charcoal fired grills are a backyard fixture in the United States. Grill aficionados know that there is no substitute for grilling in order to get that smoky flavor and crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside texture. While most people are familiar with traditional grills, in recent years, infrared barbeque grills have begun to gain popularity for a number of reasons: portability, speed and ease of use, but, most importantly, the possibility of making restaurant quality grilled foods in a fraction of the time and effort required by charcoal grills.


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Prior to the year 2000, commercial patenting meant that the textures and flavors that infrared cooking made possible could only be experienced in restaurants. Now that they are available on the market for residential use, word of mouth and positive grill reviews have popularized this grill amongst serious home cooks.

While natural gas grills cook food by heating the air around the food, it can be an imprecise process. Too little heat while cooking meats causes them to dry out as they heat to a safe temperature. While cooking at low heats is perfect for meats that require slow cooking, such as ribs and some cuts of chicken, other cuts of meat require a quick, hot searing to lock in their flavors and juices while creating a perfectly charred surface.

char broil grillInfrared grills and in particular the Char Broil Magnum 340 which is our choice as the best infrared barbeque grill, heat up quickly and uniformly. Infrared grill reviews mention preheating in as little as five minutes. Once used, any type of infrared grill can be left on for five minutes more to burn off any drippings, making cleaning easy and effortless.

You'll read many infrared grill reviews written by true steak lovers, which praise the hot temperatures that are obtained through using such grills. Such high temperatures are perfect for grilling steaks to steakhouse perfection: lightly charred on the outside, yet medium rare on the inside. Most infrared cooking reviews contain testimony from users who obtained great results from grilling filet mignon, chicken breasts, tuna and salmon, corn on the cob, and even thin-crust pizza!

You will definitely find this website helpful if you are searching for the pros and cons of infrared cooking, as you will hear both sides of the story. Having a grill is a good addition to your collection of kitchen appliances such as the slow cooker, microwave oven and more. It's important to get the right grill so as to avoid wasting time, money and effort. Here, you will find reviews about the different grills out in the market, which will surely be useful when you plan to buy one.

With their small size and focus on ease of portability, a portable gas grill can easily be taken to the beach, camping, a tailgate party, or the park to enjoy the convenience of perfectly grilled burgers anywhere. On you'll find infrared grill reviews from users, many of whom are delighted that they are able to take their grill anywhere there is fresh air.

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